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What is a Care Management Program?

The Care Management Program is a social work service that supports seniors like you and family caregivers in achieving and sustaining the highest possible level of functioning. Care Management can be provided as a stand-alone service requiring only a few meetings or can be provided as part of an ongoing coordinated care plan of indefinite duration. When offered as a stand-alone service, Care Managers can assist seniors and their families with finding solutions and making decisions about specific care needs and preferences in the home, from community-based providers and/or other long-term care issues.

Who is a Care Manager?

A Care Manager is a trained professional that works with you and your Family and/or Caregivers.  The Care Manager helps to facilitate and coordinate access to home and community-based services and resources, including medical, social, and educational services regardless of funding sources.

What about my Caregivers?

Options/Care Management is designed to get input and engagement from all of your natural supports (e.g., family, friends, relatives, etc.) to find out more see the Family Caregiver Support Program.

What Happens After You Call the Seniorline?

Once the SeniorLine of the Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging (or AAA) sends us your information, within 24 hours we will call you to schedule a time to come and meet with you.

What We Do When We Meet With You?

At our first meeting we will ask you information that can help us understand your needs. We call this information gathering Assessment and it is required by AAA. There are two types of assessments:

The Level of Care Assessment (which we call LOCA) that helps us decide what is the most appropriate level of care that best meets your needs.

The Functional Needs Measurement (which we call FNM) that helps us understand what your strengths and needs are.

This first meeting might take us one to two hours. This is because we want to make sure we understand what your needs us and how we can best assist you remain in your home and your community.

Can I Be Turned Down?

NO, you cannot be turned down.  However, the Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging uses the FNM score to determine which participants (that is seniors) have the highest levels of needs and these participants are given the highest priority. What this means is that it is possible that if your FNM score is low, you might be placed on a Waiting List. While on the Waiting List you can still use the services of our care managers, but you might have to wait until other services or care your requested become available.

Is There A Cost For Me?

Our Care Management Services come at no cost to you.  

Allegheny County AAA covers most of the in-home services. However, these in-home services might have a cost share associated with them and this is based on your eligibility status.

What’s a Cost Share?

The eligibility status is derived from the FNM which also includes what AAA calls the Financial Summary Sheet. This is a recording of your financial information (e.g., assets/income) that AAA uses to determine the eligibility for certain programs and services and to assess any co-pays that these might have.

Your Care Manager will go over this information and will explain it to you in details including any co-pays these might have for you given based on your FNM results.

Our Care Managers will assume a proactive role in counseling you and your family caregivers on all available, appropriate ACDHS/AAA and non-ACDHS/AAA program and services. Together with you and your family caregivers our Care Managers will make sure to address all your unmet needs and help you to make informed decisions about your care. Counseling and support also are extended to caregivers, and may include referrals to community health, social service, and other government programs.